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    Golf Etiquette: Proper Golf Attire

    Hello BallFrog Sports Fans!  Today I’d like to talk about proper golf etiquette. Maintaining basic etiquette on and around the golf course is pretty easy, and will help to ensure that your golf outing is an enjoyable one for you, your playing partners, and the other golfers sharing the facilities.

    Our first chapter in this series of posts focuses on proper golf attire.  Future posts will deal with different facets of golf etiquette.  Let’s get started!

    Proper Golf Attire

    Make sure you arrive dressed in proper attire with all of your equipment.  Proper attire, at most courses, consists of slacks or shorts, a collared shirt, and golf-specific soft spikes.  Hats are usually acceptable.  Denim jeans, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, athletic shorts or shirts, and metal spikes are not allowed.  Metal spikes can do serious damage to
    fairways and greens, which can cost thousands in repairs.  Some places, like country clubs, have stricter dress codes.  You may not be able to wear shorts or hats.  There may be other restrictions.  Other places are more lax about the dress code.  If you are unsure about the specific requirements of a given golf course, call before you make the trip to the club and ask.

    proper-golf-attire-3Wearing proper attire not only adds a touch of class to the experience and keeps the course in good condition; it can also save you a lot of money and/or disappointment.  As I mentioned before, many clubs will not let you tee-off if you are not wearing proper gear.  At that point, you may be faced with a choice of either purchasing attire in the pro shop or not playing your round.  Items purchased in pro shops are typically very expensive.  Something like a polo shirt may cost $50 or more.  If you opt to not play, you may be faced with non-refundable green fees due to the last-minute nature of your cancellation.  Finally, some may feel embarrassed about the situation, as may their playing partners.

    I’m certainly not a stuffy guy.  My standard daily gear, if I’m not attending a meeting or other professional event, commonly consists of t-shirts, either cargos or athletic shorts, and Birkenstock sandals.  When I play golf, I almost always wear a polo shirt and cargo shorts.  If cargo shorts are not allowed, I’ll wear khaki shorts or some kind of slacks.  My point is, it’s really not that hard to meet the basic guidelines of most establishments, and making this minimal effort will save you time, money, and lots of headaches.  The club and other golfers will notice and appreciate your consideration and respect.

    Our next chapter will deal with proper pre-round golf etiquette.  See you there!

    Have something to add?  Want to ask a question?  Have an experience you’d like to share?  Sound off in the comment section below!

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